The Vaping 2023 Consultation: Report

Vaping 2023 Consultation

Attention all vapers and everyone associated with the UK vaping industry! As twists and turns weren’t already part of this year, now we have another thing to worry about: the government’s consultation on vaping. And before you start panicking, we’ve covered everything you should know regarding the new initiative. So, let’s get started;

The Motive Behind Consultation

On 12 October, the UK’s prime minister announced a consultation report, which will run till 6 December 2023. Now, the foremost question anyone would be raising upon hearing the news is, ‘Why was the consultation on vaping needed?’

For starters, per the ASH 2023 survey, there’s been a massive rise in vaping among teenagers and kids this year. The numbers have gone up to 20.5% of the children actually vaping, affecting one in nine at once. Meanwhile, 50% of them have been experimenting with the sensation.

Thus, it didn’t take much time for all UK government officials and children’s health advocates to come up with a plan to reduce the statistics.

The New Rules

Now, to give you an overview of the entire report, we’ve listed everything below;

  • Restrictions For Buyers & Sellers

While underage selling restriction is still the mantra. No one can sell tobacco products to anyone born after 1 January 2009, aged 13-14, effective now. And anyone overruling this regulation would be seriously charged.

  • Banned Flavours & Ingredients

Most ex-smokers switched to vaping to the widened range of exquisite flavours and personalisation nicotine strength option. However, now that the government has banned certain ingredients and vape flavours, leaving only tobacco and menthol choices in the market. As a result, there can be a rise in smoking again as both would taste the same.

  • Restricted Retail Shops

Though online retailers are still safe, we can’t say the same about the physical stores selling tobacco products like vaping devices or flavours. That said, the government is on the move to restrict vape products to only a few shops, making it challenging for adults to find the right product.

  • Improvised Advertisements

Following traditional advertisements and endorsements of banning smoking, the government has proposed to do the same with vaping. Thus, there won’t be appealing vaping advertisements anymore.

  • Packaging & Selling Policies

Further, all vaping-related products should be packed the same. There will be only one plain design and no cartoonist or funky-coloured pictures or fonts. The motive behind this move is to exhibit the product to only adults. However, it will upset experienced users as most of them identify the quality of e-liquids from the packaging. Further, many retailers can replicate the design and sell a low-quality product, risking everyone’s health.

  • Farewell, Disposable Vapes!

As there’s been a sudden rise in the purchase of disposable vapes due to their availability and accessibility among children and teenagers, the government has decided to restrict the supply of these. This rule can also upset many experienced vapers trying to limit the habit. Further, many illegal markets would try to sell the product, worsening the situation. 

  • Revised Prices

Lastly, following the disposable vape restriction, the government has proposed to raise the prices of these devices and impose higher taxes. This motive can result in two outcomes. First, ex-smokers lose the motivation to stop vaping due to no ‘disposable option’ and carry on with the refill tanks. Second, the environment can get better as there would be no toxic waste. 

The Possible Outcome & Remarks

Now, we’re all aware of the massive population engaging in smoking or vaping to relax the day-to-day stress and stay composed amidst serious situations. However, restricting people from such ‘relaxants’ can lead to worsened mental health, withdrawal issues, and a lot more damage. Also, since not everyone is fond of rehabilitation or medicine, such an initiative can fire back.

So, will this consultation work? Or will it make things worse? We’ll have to wait until 6 December to analyse the pros and cons briefly.

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