Disposable Vapes

Where to Start? Disposable Vapes Vs Pod Kits

Where to Start? Disposable Vapes Vs Pod Kits

Every person who goes through a transition between cigarettes and vapes faces the question of choosing an apt vaping tool for themselves. The market is flooded with new and highly-equipped vaping devices, but that doesn’t readily help you decide which device to go for. When it comes to choosing a vaping tool, all options boil down to two types of basic vape devices i.e. disposable vapes and pod kits. But which one should you go for?

The Act of Vaping and What It Entails

Vaping is an effective smoking-cessation tool that uses e-liquids containing nicotine, in order to help people, quit smoking, without suffering from withdrawals or relapses. Vape juice is mainly made up of propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavour, and water. There is a heating coil in a vape that heats the liquid to make the vapors. As you inhale, the vapors mix with the air and then enter your mouth. The heating is usually resistive but inductive heating is also being developed for the same. There’s no burning/combustion in a vape. Hence vaping is safe, and doesn’t entail the release of harmful chemicals and carcinogens.

Pod System

A pod system is a complete product comprising a detachable coil and a mod (the body.) It is very easy to make use of a pod system because it usually comes in very sleek designs that are constructed in order to roughly mimic the act of smoking a cigarette. It’s rechargeable and usually comes with a charger, but the batteries that are fitted inside the pod can have a limited charge cycle, and you can only make use of them for about a year until it’s time to replace them. Once your pod is charged up, you only have to press the power button, which then turns on the atomizer, and you can inhale and enjoy the smoke clouds until the cart runs out of liquid.

Some Features of the Pod System

  • Refillable tank
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • E-liquid flavour customizability
  • Wattage customizability

Disposable Vapes

As the name suggests, disposable vapes are for one-time use only and are meant to be disposed of when they run out of puffs. Unlike other vaping devices, disposable vapes don’t have any on/off buttons to kick-start the device. They are draw-activated, and you only have to draw the smoke by inhaling it to reap the benefits of this compact and slim device. They come with a built-in cartridge and battery and, on average, can boast up to 600+ puffs depending on the size. They are light-weight and easy to carry and don’t require you to carry around a charger or an extra coil with you.

Some Features of Disposable Vapes

  • No set-up
  • Draw activated and no buttons
  • Non rechargeable battery
  • Consistent and strong flavours

Difference Between Disposable Vapes and Pod Kits

The major difference in all these vaping devices lies in their design, price range, and functionality. Disposable pens are sleek and compact in design as compared to other vaping devices, which come with a cartridge and charger. But on the other hand, disposable vapes can poke a hole in your wallet if you’re a heavy smoker since they will get used up before you even realize it, and that way, you’ll be spending more on disposable vapes than other refillable devices. But again, it all boils down to preference and budget.

Final Verdict

In the end, your decision lies in your personal preferences and subjective taste. Are the disposables working for you? Do you need a low-maintenance setup? Do you need more control and variety of the contents of the juice? Do you need more flavour consistency? Make sure to ask these questions to yourself before getting yourself the apt vape device. Vaping is extremely easy and fun, if you have the right device, that works best for you.

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