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Experience Unparalleled Smoothness with Power Nic Salts Vape Flavours

Nic salts by power not only taste fine but are also great on the vape coil. Each flavour has been carefully crafted for all your all-day vaping partners. Power nic salts tick all the right boxes to deliver a brilliant performance as e-liquids – from amazing and consistent flavours, to smooth throat hit and copious amount of vapour production. The quality nicotine hit you get at every puff creates a sublime vaping experience for you, whereas the aroma of each flavour adds more delight to the whole experience. When it comes to the quality of our product, we leave no room for any compromise. Our products are manufactured in a rigorously tested and quality-controlled environment, through lab research. We provide our customers with the best that vaping has to offer, be it the quality of the product or the taste.

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