How Is Vaping More Cost-Effective Than Smoking?


The concept of vaping to an outsider, who has zero clue how it works, sounds fancy and redundant. This is one of the reasons that people looking to quit smoking, don’t actually end up adopting vaping because they think it’s some fancy gimmick that’s even more costly than cigarettes. But this is simply not true. Vaping is by far one of the most successful smoking cessation methods that’s been adopted by millions of smokers across the globe. It is regarded to be 90% safer than smoking and comprises completely safe ingredients that are food-grade and used in a variety of edible and medicinal products.

It has numerous benefits and most of all it saves you from the life-long curse that is smoking-related health complexities. Initially, people find themselves being dependent on nicotine but it is nothing compared to all the chemicals and carcinogens they inhale with smoking, which is where the worst withdrawals and addiction come from. As for the cost, this blog will help you have a clearer view of the cost-effectiveness of vaping with respect to smoking, so you can make an informed decision about your next purchase.

The Financial Cost of Smoking

The financial stress that smoking puts on a smoker’s life is considerable, but the addiction is what keeps it poking more holes in your wallet. Smokers have no choice but to turn to cigarettes due to withdrawal and the more they smoke, the more cost they have to bear. The cost of a pack of cigarettes in the UK has gone extremely high over the last few years. As per the Office for National Statistics, the average price of a packet of 20 cigarettes in January 2023 was £12.84, and with the increased duty rates, it has gone up to £14-15 over the last couple of months. So if your cigarette consumption rate is more than a pack a day, one could only imagine how unsustainable this practice would be in the long run.

The Health Cost of Smoking

Smoking not only puts a damper on your financial well-being but also your physical and mental well-being. The harmful chemicals and toxins that get released upon the combustion of tobacco as a byproduct, cause severe long-term damage to your lungs and heart. Smoking makes you both physically and mentally dependent upon it, which is why smoking withdrawals are hard to overcome and defeat. It affects your stamina, your emotional regulation, your blood flow, your oral hygiene and so on and so forth.

There are a lot of ways in which smoking affects the quality of your life, which is why it is considered to be one of the most harmful addictions/habits. Moreover, what we have stated so far doesn’t provide a complete breakdown of its implications, but just an overview.

The Financial Cost of Vaping

The upfront initial cost is something that comes with vaping when you switch. Consider it a fixed cost you have to incur when you start your business. This includes the price of your vape device (hardware,) the price of your e-liquid, the price of coils etc. Once you pay the upfront initial investment, your marginal cost decreases with time. For example, once you buy a device, you don’t need to replace it every month or so. A good portable device can last longer than a year, and up to 2 years if used with care. The only running cost you will pay for is e-liquid, which depends on your vape usage. Generally, a bottle of 30ml nic salt e-liquid should last you somewhere around 15-20 days. Similarly, a bottle of 100ml e-liquid should last around 40-50 days.

If you are prudent about your vape consumption and vape shopping, you can even save a lot of money when buying your first vape gear and e-liquid. You can buy affordable e-liquids in the UK in online stores in bulk. Vape shops also go on seasonal and occasional sales every now and then, with huge discounts, and sell their products at throwaway prices.

The Health Benefits – As Opposed to The Cost – Of Vaping

Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t incur any health costs or cause any health repercussions. It is a safer practice to deliver nicotine to your body, which not only removes harmful chemical exposure but also helps you curb your nicotine intake. E-liquids are made of 4 basic components that are safe to be consumed by humans. The vape device turns this e-liquid into vapour form, which is then inhaled and absorbs the nicotine content to deliver it into your system.

Vaping improves all the areas, where smoking has already provided damage. For example, it improves your oral hygiene, boosts your stamina, improves your sleep and your personal hygiene and paves the way for an overall healthier and better lifestyle.

Final Note

Although vaping is tremendously cheaper and sustainable than smoking, there are some considerations that every person who plans to switch should take in. Vaping should be treated as a smoking cessation method if you want to make it more cost-effective. Because a lot of hobbyists, who collect expensive and advanced devices, end up spending a lot more money on vape gear and e-liquid than a normal vaper would do.

Additionally, Taxes on both cigarettes and vaping products should also be brought into consideration. Some countries have very low tax rates (and reservations or duty-free can drop those to 0) while others can have a lot more. Vaping tax can range anywhere from 0% to 95% (plus sales tax) from what has been observed, depending on how regulated the vaping industry is in your country. Countries that rely on tobacco revenue have lower cigarette taxes and higher vaping taxes. For example, in most US states, VA taxes at 60c/pack, and about $4 on a 60ml bottle of juice. Vaping is still probably cheaper but it cuts the difference a lot.

Finally, if you want to know the complete breakdown of how much you can save with vaping, you can make use of the quit smoking calculator on our website.

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