National No Smoking Day Giveaway to Help Smokers to Quit It and to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle!

Vape Giveaway

As national no Smoking day approaches on the second Wednesday of March, which is the 13th this year, Juice N Power is thrilled to express our support for the no-smoking initiative. We aim to assist as many people as possible in leading a smoke-free life. Our mission is to provide healthier vape alternatives that don’t compromise on enjoyment. To spread awareness for National No Smoking Day, we’re launching an exclusive giveaway for our UK community, focusing on our wide range of nicotine free vape shortfills and e-liquids, as well as our smoother Nic salts options.

Our Mission 

Juice N Power is not just about offering an alternative to smoking by producing vapes; it’s about creating a healthier smoking-free future for everyone. Our nicotine-free vape options are for those who want to enjoy everything in life but still need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Nic salts are designed for those who wish to quit without feeling deprived, providing a flavorful tobacco experience with fewer health risks, perfect for chain smokers who wish to quit smoking. Through this Instagram giveaway, we offer freebies worth up to £200 to help people quit smoking and lead an active lifestyle!

How to Participate 

Joining the giveaway is simple. Please find our latest Instagram post related to National No Smoking Day and;

  1. Like & Tag: Show your support by liking our Instagram post and tagging friends who advocate for a smoke-free life.
  2. Repost & Tag Us: Share the love and awareness by reposting our giveaway announcement on your story and tagging @juicenpower.
  3. Join Our Family: Create an account on and send us a screenshot of ‘my accounts page’ via Instagram DM.

Prizes You Won’t Want to Miss 

We’re offering amazing prizes to make your journey even sweeter:

  • First Prize: £100 worth of vape products
  • Second Prize: £50 to pick your favourites
  • Third Prize: £25 to choose your favourites

This National No Smoking Day, let’s stand together for health and happiness. With Juice N Power, choosing a healthier, smoke-free future is not just a dream but a reality filled with flavour and community support. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to kickstart your smoke-free journey with us!

Visit our Instagram post to participate in our vape giveaway and help spread the word for a healthier tomorrow.

Remember, this giveaway is exclusively for UK residents. Let’s make a significant change together with Juice N Power. #Together4NoSmoking

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